A Journey to a More Thoughtful Life

Welcome to my little space online! Having blogged for almost a year now, I felt that it was finally time to make a change and become more focused. This new focus is not just intended for my tiny place in the blogosphere but for my life offline, too. I have spent far too long drifting in and out of productiveness, of feeling motivated one day and completely hopeless the next. At the age of 24, I want to live my life with more purpose, more thought and more dedication to what I do. With my MA in Transnational Studies only a month away, I thought that this would be the perfect place to return to writing more meaningful, deeper things; for exploring my thoughts and ideas; and to continue developing my voice in writing.

Having experienced setbacks, lack of conventional success and a mind spiralling out of boredom, I want to share my slow journey into the adult world and a more focused existence with likeminded others. As an introvert, expressing my ideas and creativity vocally does not come quite so naturally and so a blog makes the perfect alternative. Having a place to write things down, to self-reflect and to document my journey ensures that I continue enjoying a slow life with a little more meaning and focus behind it. It means that I will have a reason to leave the house on days off, whether to collect some flowers for a flatlay or to try a new cafe nearby. I’m tired of just existing. I want to have a purpose in life and for each day to be meaningful in itself. Rather than waiting for the weekend to roll around, I want to make each day count. This blog might just help with that.

So I hope that you can join me on this journey, share your own tips and ways of living, and hopefully connect with what I write. One of my favourite things about blogging is the supportive community behind it and I plan to be every part of it, just like previously. Come say hello!

Do you have any tips on making each day count?




  1. 12th September 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Aww I have finally caught up with your new blog. I was feeling really unmotivated today but this has helped. I hope your new course goes well! It sounds exciting! xxx

    • blushinglately
      15th September 2017 / 5:47 pm

      Thank you so much! I’m glad it has helped ☺️ I have those days way too often but the littlest thing can help sometimes!

  2. 6th October 2017 / 1:14 pm

    You are so motivational and inspiring! You (as well as a few others) have given me the final kick i needed to start my own blog! So i just wanted to say thank you really :’) 💛

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