Autumn Magic in Burley

It’s no secret that Burley is our favourite place to spend weekends. Having broken the curse with a typically autumnal day out a few weeks ago, we have been welcomed back with open arms for more autumnal festivities. This time around, it was for the blogosphere’s possibly favourite holiday of the year: Halloween. With Burley’s history of witchcraft and plenty of cosy nooks and corners, there really was no better place to choose for a spooky weekend.

Hand in hand, sometimes single file, we trotted through well-worn paths, past lovely cottages and fields with animals, on our usual walk into the village centre. Nearing midday, we had only one thing in mind: finding a cosy spot for lunch. Rather naively to our surprise, Burley was packed to the brim with visitors, not an unusual sight for a Saturday morning, but this time with added broomsticks and capes. This, of course, meant that our plans for tea, scones and sandwiches in our favourite minuscule cafe quickly evaporated, like the steam from the cup-of-tea-that-never-was. Luckily, our new discovery from a few weeks ago was guaranteed to be a little quieter. Tucked away a little further from the village centre, The Cider Pantry was bound to be reserved for locals and, to our delight, plenty of tables were waiting for us. Here we found a delicious menu full of loose leaf tea options and locally-sourced food, satisfying our rumbling tummies and curiosity; my freshly baked scone and spiced apple tea set the mood for a very autumnal afternoon.

Well-fed and all tea-d out, we then popped into the Burley Village Hall to have a peek at the local arts and crafts fair. To my delight, we came across a wonderful candle stall by the lovely Luna’s Locket. Made from soy wax in beautifully autumnal scents, these natural candles are just what I needed for hyggelig evenings at home. After much deliberation, sniffing and passing back and forth to Dave, I settled on Chai Latte for its warming and delicately edible appeal, and I could not have made a better choice! I would highly recommend these little gems of joy to anyone wishing to create a calm corner in their home.

So what do you do when you find the idyllic candle you have been searching for all of autumn? Take photos of it in the woods, of course. One of the joys of exploring a favourite place, time and time again, is uncovering new areas and secret shortcuts; just when you think you know a place thoroughly, something new crops up and you are mesmerised by the never-ending magic of it. The shortcut that we came across ended up leading us through a woodland area, perfect for those #liveauthentic shots, to one of Burley’s cosiest spots for a drink. Nestled in amongst the trees, Moorhill House Hotel is every bit the dreamy forest escape you could wish for. While the service is a little hit-and-miss, the setting is very much charming and countryside humble chic: perfect for a slow, autumnal afternoon.

With the light starting to fade, it was time to head back home, but not before picking up a (free!) pumpkin on our way. The lovely independent gift store, Gem of England, had numerous pumpkins to give away from their window display so we picked out the roundest, most perfect one we could find… and carried it home!

So this was our wonderfully quaint Halloween day out, which I realise was over two weeks ago now and that most of you have probably moved on to better, frostier things, likely revolving around winter and the big C. For some reason, though, winter is still not quite here yet for me so I am fully embracing all that autumn has to offer.

Are you fully in winter mode yet? Or are you still enjoying the last few days of beautiful autumn?



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