Happy 1st of December!

With sudden drops in temperature and whispers of snow, winter has arrived unexpectedly and I’m not quite ready for it. Every year, the months around this time feel shorter and shorter, like the days turning to dusk mid-afternoon. Having embraced autumn for longer than usual this year, I can’t help but feel like I have missed out on the countdown to the festive period. As lovely as it was to appreciate the previous season for its natural beauty and orange landscapes, there is something unexplainably whimsical and cosy about the few weeks before Christmas. Usually in the previous years, that delightful festive feeling would be glowing by now, but this year it is taking a little longer to arrive.

Gracing Instagram feeds currently are beautiful snowy landscapes, rustic pinecones and homemade Christmas decorations and I’ve been slowly transitioning my own feed to reflect the new season. Spending time on curating a cosy, thoughtful feed is a simple way of engaging with the seasons, an approach that I’ve been embodying since creating this blog. The next step will be to welcome back those yearly rituals, like hot elderflower tea and waking up early for a cup of coffee before the world awakes. Somehow, though, I still feel a little behind, grasping at that festive feeling, hoping to wake up to it accompanying the morning frost. Perhaps all it takes is a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie the night before…

What are some of your favourite festive rituals?



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