Playing House

For a long time now, Dave and I have been yearning to move out and create our first home together: something small and simple but very cosy, a place to call our own. Still living at home with parents after graduating three years ago was not the situation either of us planned to be in. Perhaps we were both a little naive and quick to assume that things would fall into place, or that life would take the usual course that so many of us take for granted. With family commitments and a lack of steady income, the idea of our own home always seemed a little out of reach. There have definitely been perks of living at home with parents, of course, and I’m so grateful for both our loving, generous upbringings. Being in close proximity of family is such a special thing, since neither of us has our extended family members anywhere near us; Dave’s family are scattered around the word, from the Philippines to America, and mine are all back in Poland. But as lovely as it is to be there with our loved ones, there does eventually come a time when we need to find our own path in the world and stand on our own two feet – or four, in this case.

One of the things that we are most excited about is turning our future home into a snug den where we can retreat to at the end of a long day. We plan to fill it with handmade furniture, natural fibres and lots of candles for a tranquil but homely atmosphere. Our favourite thing to do in the evenings is to settle down on the sofa with our current series, so a big telly like the hdr tv Panasonic will also be a must, especially for Dave who can be considered somewhat of a film fanatic. While a house with no electronics sounds much more idyllic, in reality it is probably something to save for slow, rustic weekends in a log cabin somewhere. We can make up for this by filling our shelves with books and plenty of plants.

The thing that I am most looking forward to, however, is starting our adult life together. At the moment, it feels like we are playing house, splitting our time between our parents’ places. When they are out, we pretend it’s our own home: we light the fire, cook dinner together and daydream about what it will be like to properly live together one day. For now, that’s all we can do.


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  1. 24th February 2018 / 3:28 pm

    I can so relate to this post. We stayed with my in-laws for three years after our marriage before finally moving out into our own nest. I hope you both embark on your home journey soon!

    • blushinglately
      8th March 2018 / 8:41 pm

      It’s both wonderful to have that support but also a little frustrating to not be able to have a place to call your own, isn’t it! Thank you so much ☺️

  2. 2nd March 2018 / 10:46 am

    Aww your dream house sounds perfect. It WILL happen one day. I too worry about being on a low income and having to rely on other people in life. I try to remember though that I have achieved a lot still and things change so one day who knows I may be earning more. xxx

    • blushinglately
      2nd March 2018 / 3:16 pm

      It’s so difficult nowadays, isn’t it. It sounds like you really enjoy your job though so that’s such a positive to have!

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