A Step Towards Being More Environmentally Friendly

Living in a more environmentally friendly way is a goal that I have been working towards slowly over the past few years. As residents of this planet, we all have a responsibility to look after it in the best way possible. My own journey began with cutting out meat from my diet, followed by switching to plant-based milk and consuming more locally-sourced food. Plastic consumption, however, has been much more difficult to address when we are quite literally surrounded by it. When the Steamer Trading Cookshop approached me with a challenge related precisely to this, it became the perfect opportunity to take another step towards caring for our planet.

When we are in a rush, it’s easy to forget about the planet and reach for convenient food and drink options packaged in single-use plastic. My return to lectures after the Easter break was therefore the ideal time to test out some of the products sent to me from the Reuse & Reduce range, which are designed to be used easily on the go. Many have smart, space-saving design features, like the collapsible travel mug and the salad box, meaning that carrying them around is done so with minimal effort. Using the salad box has also resulted in me being more creative and healthy with my lunches, preparing salads the night before using simple ingredients like spinach, couscous, vegetables and sesame seeds. A really nifty companion to the salad box has been the cutlery set which comes with a silicone storage pod to keep everything nice and clean in your bag; one of my biggest dislikes has always been plastic cutlery that’s thrown away straight after use so this cutlery set is the ideal solution. For any salad left over, this cute poppy bowl cover will keep the ingredients fresh for the following day without having to use cling film.

Simple Salad Ideas

1. Spinach, couscous layer, fresh cucumber, roast sweet potato.

2. Salad leaves, beetroot slices, goats cheese, pine nuts.

3. Orzo pasta, sunblush tomatoes, olives, basil.


Finally, this pastel blue bottle has been my favourite from the range. It can be used for both hot and cold drinks but so far I have just been using it for water when I’m working from home. The stainless steel design means that it’s a little heavier to carry around than a normal water bottle but I know that the insulated feature will come in very handy on warm summer days. I’m in love with the colour and it will look so pretty in a picnic basket!

You can join me in this challenge with my code BLUSHING20 to receive 20% off the Reuse & Reduce range online at the Steamer Trading Cookshop. The code is valid until 14th May 2018.


Thank you to the Steamer Trading Cookshop for sending these lovely products to try.


  1. April 25, 2018 / 9:44 am

    The photos in this post are absolutely stunning, it seems like the Steamer Trading Cookshop have some amazing products (yay for a discount code!) and I love your salad ideas. The blue bottle is gorgeous, I love the colour. I’ve been making much more of an effort with recycling, reducing my plastic use and buying fresh, local produce and generally trying to make daily switches to living in a more ethical, environmentally-friendly way, you’re really inspiring me <3
    Hels xx

  2. May 23, 2018 / 11:41 am

    Some great ideas here! I love the things you have chosen to post here. The bowl cover looks really cool and your bottle is so pretty! xxx

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