Slow Tea Moments

Despite a hazy forecast for the weekend, this morning has been full of sunshine, spring florals and one happy mood. A glorious slow start to the day like this called for one thing only: a cup of loose leaf tea, quietly brewed and served in a pretty teacup. I’ve written about the calming process of making tea before and the memories that resurface, but for some reason these particular memories no longer return. Perhaps it has been too long now and my past experiences of loose leaf tea have been replaced with more recent ones, closer to home like today’s. With nothing pressing on the agenda, a day dedicated to creativity granted the perfect opportunity to finally sample, and photograph, the tea kindly sent to me by Jollybrew.

Ethically sourced and lovingly blended, the flavours to discover are endless and all unique in their own way. The two that I sampled today were peach and rose, two favourites when it comes to tea. Just Peachy is a delicate blend of green tea and jasmine petals with a sweet, fruity finish, and its naturally low caffeine content means that it can be enjoyed as a soothing night cap. This tea reminds me of warm summer afternoons and I can already see myself enjoying it in the garden when the warmer weather arrives. Rosie Lee, on the other hand, is deeper and more fragrant with a blend of black tea, blackberry leaves, rose petals and rosehip. It reminds me of Earl Grey, only softer and slightly more dainty, so it would be perfect for afternoon tea with scones and sandwiches.

As anticipated, both are lovely and the fruity, floral flavours in each are easily identified. For someone who prefers a lighter, more delicate flavour like I do, the Just Peachy one would be ideal, whether on its own or with a homemade shortbread biscuit on the side. Being a black tea, Rosie Lee was a little too strong for my taste but the strength can easily be altered by brewing it for a shorter period of time than recommended, which is what I usually do with my tea anyway. Jollybrew also included some biodegradable bags that they use for the teabag versions of their tea but a simple infuser like this one works just as well, of course.

What’s really lovely about Jollybrew is that the company is a small family business, created out of a passion for loose leaf tea with the aim of sharing it with the world. It is homegrown businesses like this that I’m happiest to support and share with others. The care and devotion put in by the owners is clear from the quality of the blends to the responsible sourcing of the leaves, even to the recyclable packaging used. If that isn’t enough to entice anyone, there is also a tea subscription service for those who, like myself, cannot bear the thought of running low on their favourite drink…

What are your favourite tea blends?


There is also a free UK delivery code for one person to use until 30th March: W0WNEQ7KG8YQ

Just enter at the checkout once you’ve found your favourite blend!

Thank you to Jollybrew for letting me sample their tea.



  1. 20th March 2018 / 3:06 pm

    These tea flavours sound so lovely! I always think a cup of tea helps to calm the soul! xx

    • blushinglately
      20th March 2018 / 3:11 pm

      It really does!

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