Stepping into the Festive Season in Wimborne, Dorset

With a noticeable drop in temperatures and November coming to an end, it finally felt like time to slowly embrace the festive feeling. It’s so easy to rush through the seasons without truly experiencing them, especially in a world that is always several weeks ahead. Slow living has helped me with appreciating each beautiful month in the way that it deserves. With the autumnal beauty of November fading and the twinkling lights making an appearance, it seemed like the perfect time to step into the festivities of Christmas!

The little market town of Wimborne, tucked away in Dorset, is full of quaint streets lined with small boutiques, the cosiest cafes and a lovely square in the centre. Although it’s just a few minutes’ drive from where I live, this is the first time we visited in winter and it was just as magical as we had expected. With the Christmas lights being switched on later in the evening, we arrived a little earlier to warm up with a hot chocolate and delicious lunch at Cloisters, an adorable cafe with a mishmash of furniture and quirky little signs everywhere. Downstairs was incredibly wintry with steamed up windows and fairylights sparkling away and upon stepping inside, we were instantly enveloped in the most festive hug. A yummy lunch later, we wandered through the cobbled streets, browsing a few of the stores and picking up handmade Christmas decorations along the way.

With the chill of November upon us, we decided to hide in a cosy wine bar to while the afternoon away. I fell in love with its low ceilings, warm atmosphere and, of course, fairylights draped everywhere – an idyllic escape from the cold. We perched at the bar, sampled the Merlot and basked in the warmth for an hour or two. I’m already looking forward to returning before Christmas!

Following our cosy stop at the wine bar, we made our way back to the square and decided to pop into the Gin House tucked away on a side street, a cosy gin bar that I’ve always wanted us to try. We didn’t expect to find what could easily be described as a tarot card reader’s den: opulent furnishings, low lighting and emerald green velvet curtains adorning the entire space. It was like stepping into a 1920s soiree. I had the most incredible gin martini here with a festive twist: dried blood orange instead of the usual olives! Warmed up, it was almost time for the lights so we wrapped up warm and huddled outside to wait for the countdown, a perfect end to a snug day.

One of my favourite things to do during the festive season is to visit all of our favourite places and experience them in their seasonal selves. Since we are not going away for our annual city break this December, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore our treasured spots graced with fairylights and Christmas decorations.



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  1. 7th December 2018 / 11:08 am

    Aww I love Wimborne! It just shows how much character of these type of places can bring ! It makes me want to go there when I am in Dorset next!

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